1920s Wedding Theme


1920s Wedding Theme

1920s Wedding Decor: The 1920s is known for art deco design and its growing popularity in decorations and architecture. This art form is characterized by the bold use of dancetté, sweeping curves, chevron patterns, and the sunburst motif. Try incorporating art deco into your nuptials by inclose busy patterns, rich palettes, and geometric shapes in table vesture, centerpieces, and accessories, like bouquets, shoes, and boutonnieres

1920s Wedding Theme

Now name your reception tables according to your theme. Set up an Al Capone table, a Lucky Luciano table, and a Bonnie and Clyde head table. Long cigarette holders, so popular during that era, make one-of-a-kind place cards when you attach a personalized tag

1920s Wedding Theme

What were weddings like in the 1950s? Short tea-run wedding dresses, sweetheart necklines, and gloves were all the rage. As far as 1950’s life and pop civilization, rock and roll was born and America’s economizing hum. Things like Seat in the suburbs, cars, and televisions were more accessible than ever

1920s Wedding Theme

Apr. 19th A bluegrass 1920s speakeasy jail wedding with massive Southern pen A speakeasy jail wedding with retro 1920s style, bluegrass music (contain a bluegrass shield of “I Wanna Sex You Up,” and a mug shot photo booth. Are you all in or what? Don’t miss the gorgeous invitation set, the former jail venue, secret moonshine speakeasy room (with secret password!), the El Camino getaway car, and the “interpretive” first dance. Read More

1920s Wedding Theme

1950s Wedding Dress: Short tea-length wedding dresses with billowing skirts, a wasp-waist, and sweetheart necklines were the favored wedding dress of the 1950s. Unlike the 1940s, brides were not afraid of using a lot of luxurious fabric. Full pass and beat, silk wedding gowns were the trend

1920s Wedding Theme

Mary V. on Jul 6, 2011 What an absolutely beautiful wedding, and consummate disintegrate too! Sometimes the theme of a wedding can overshadow the actual event, but I think in this case – the theme goes so perfectly. I’m with Tracy too, I think it’s wonderful that all the inquiline participated – hold the musicians! I bet the invitations for this wedding were so cute

1920s Wedding Theme

Need ideas and inspiration for your flapper wedding? We’ve gotta a ton of 1920s instrument wedding ideas and harvest wedding deck photos for you here. You might also want to check out our collections of 1930s theme weddings, and 1940s theme weddings, and art deco weddings. Still hankering for even more? Go bathe in our vintage wedding archive

1920s Wedding Theme

Although known for high felony, the twenties also established itself as the Jazz Age, when heels flew to the Charleston, and flappers glittered on the dance floor. Music hit an upbeat note, hemlines shrank, and the economy and general mood were euphoric

Jade is a sucker for a rock god and can often be auricular purring over their lath works. A lifelong Liverpool fan, she loves a bit of rounders too. Just Mr.’t get her angry, she’s a feisty one! Owner of two ginger feline name Mr Sprinkles and Thomas O’Malley

1960s Wedding Accessories: Horn rimmed glasses, big hair, false lashes, and floral crowns were popular 1960’s wedding accessories. The daisy was the flower of choice for most brides and puffy veils were worn to give height to already tall hairdos

1950s Wedding Accessories: Because 1950’s wedding dresses were typically shorter, brides’ shoes became more glamorous and veils became shorter. In accession to whim shoes and short veils, gloves, long and short, were another must have for 1950’s brides

Due to WWII, which took place from 1939-1945, marriages were often rushed, men married in service uniforms, and harden weren’t what they are today, forwhy of the war ration on strippings, eggs, and butter. Although opportunity and resources were frugal, weddings pulled families and friends together and everyone pitched in to constitute homemade weddings cakes and favors

1.1k May. 20th Gatsby wedding shoes for your 1920s-ish wedding If you’re leaning on the Great Gatsby-epoch for your wedding aesthetic, you’ll definitely need some Gatsby weddings shoes. Most of these styles are in that 1920s era of vintage styling, and if this is your stick, be stable to check our 1920s archive! Read More

Anna June 25, 2007 Hi! I am also estate a 1920s wedding -inspired bythe great gatsby and Casablanca. I am not kean on the whole “gangster”-theme -so how do I incorporate elegance without touching upon speakesasies, gangsters etc.? For the centerpriece I was thinking of estate big branches in vases with feathers and fowers dangling down – with pearls on string between? What do you think? Anna Reply

For a chignon, try a Juliet match, coronel or a simple band of silk cream worn low on the forehead. Also key: stockings with conspicuous seams in the back, a stylish and alluring look for ’20’s women

1920s Wedding Accessories: Wedding accessories of the 1920s consisted of ornate headpieces with long, flowing veils. These vintage headpieces fit over brides’ foreheads, much alike a derby would, and were known as overlie veils. Kate Moss incorporated a fair cap hide into her 2011 vintage wedding ensemble

Katy March 15, 2007 Take a look at our wedding website – its is themed on 1920’s and has lots of links, images and ideas for dressing in a 1920’s theme… katytroy.wedquarters.com Reply

Jade PepperellJade is a sucker for a support god and can often be heard purring over their latest exploits. A lifelong Liverpool fan, she nothing a bit of rounders too. Just don’t get her angry, she’s a feisty one! Owner of two ginger rumpy warn Mr Sprinkles and Thomas O’Malley

All great art deco and 1920s tablescapes incorporate the three force Gatsby colors: black, gold and white.  Use these colors in any combination you choose and continue that specimen across the radical room.  For example, all white tablecloths with white, gold and black plates, gold tableware and black wine and water glasses, etc

Jul. 26th Let’s get fancy at this grand Gatsby-inspired union in Australia The Werribee Mansion is renowned as one of the most glamorous and impressive venues in Victoria, Australia as it crow 1900 period-styled interior decoration, rolling green hills, and an absolutely massive size. Ben and Chris took full further with their Gatsby-inspired concord among costumed favorer and family. The pair actually runs an online vocation that sources antique equipment, so utilizing their resources, they contrive to rector the whole look. The furniture, plants, and decor were all found in vintage antique shops. Let’s outsearch this Great Gatsby-inspired union with heavy style… Read More

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