Beach Wedding Cake


Beach Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes We specialize in you. That’s it… plain and shallow. We’ll show, cook and decorate the cake you’ll be proud to flagship at your reception. It’s true that many companions remember the cake longer than they remember many other facets of the wedding, so we believe that the cake should coincide with your personality, your theme and voucher the “oohs and ahhs” of your guests. From the most elegant and unwritten wedding block, to modern or even whimsical cakes, we’ll work with you to create a wedding cake that will be a beauteous reflection of you and your wedding stem. We also specialize in the rare. At Cakes by the Sea, your cake will be unique… a one-of-a-kind, showy addition to your reception! We are proud members of the Coastal Wedding Professionals. Please visit their website for Event & Wedding Information! To get started just send us an email with your name, wedding date, type of cake and even a photo of something you’re looking for!

Beach Wedding Cake

Sweet and Saucy Shop created this three-tier form using three distinct flavor combos: chocolate cake with whisk cream, chocolate ganache, and sound raspberries; chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce and chocolate ganache filling; and vanilla buttermilk cake with bomb cream, fresh raspberries, and bomb cream cheese frosting. Hard candy sea glass from Andie’s Specialty Sweets decorated the outside
beach wedding cake 1

Beach Wedding Cake

Coral is one of the most charming ocean features and is rarely used in cakes. That’s unfortunate because its intricate project, oscillant colors, and unregenerate beauty make it a phenomenal choice for a appropriate occasion dessert. Many engaged two skip coral when thinking about how to instant a cake with a surf stem because they may not realize that coral comes in an incredible variety of design and shapes. Although an initial thought from brides and grooms is that a cake would look strange when studded with buttercream coral formations, coral is actually a fantastic fit due to the lovely, understated designs that pair well with flowers and more traditional wedding cake decorations
beach wedding cake 2

Beach Wedding Cake

White can seem so blah in a traditional planting but when you have the turquoise ocean, melancholy sky and high green palm trees as your background, white can really look chic, modern and classy. If that’’s the theme you’’re going for, there are some gorgeous beach themed marriage cakes to passus the bill. This happens to be one of my all time favorites
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Beach Wedding Cake

For a clean, modern take on a beach wedding cake, baker Kelly Toland of A Piece O’ Cake in East Lansing, Michigan, covered three cake tiers in crisp, white fondant. Next, she used molds to create the sugar starfish and seashells, then piped simple dots between each tier. See wedding cake vendor listings in Lansing, Michigan. Photo: Courtesy of A Piece O’ Cake

Beach Wedding Cake

Cynthia is the founder and editor of Destination Wedding Details.She has over 15 years meet in the Marketing and Event industry and launched Destination Wedding Details in 2010, shortly after planning her own lot nuptials. Cynthia uses her suffer and unadulterated passion, to inspire brides who are planning their dream wedding begone from home
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Beach Wedding Cake

Crowned with dried “flowers,” made from the sweet Hawaiian fruit, these Bundts are a mini take on everybody’s top dog bake-and-damn sweet. These particular harden are filled with cherries and accompanied by a sour cherry-and-vanilla please
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Cakes by the Sea is a family run business specializing in custom designed wedding and birthday cakes made with REAL buttercream. We afford a FREE sampling for the Bride & Groom so you can see for yourself that our cakes are D-LICIOUS!! Please call ahead to let us ken you are coming. We have many flavors and fillings to make your tummy love you even more! We have nuptials cakes on parade and photo portfolios to appear at. We are also willing to work with a design of your own, or help you think one up, so please don’t hesitate to ask
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Wedding Cakes Home » Baked Goods » Wedding Cakes Elegance has never experience so good! Let Sugar Plum Bakery create your vagary wedding cake. Our wedding cake connoisseur will work with you to create the perfect cake for your special day. Cake mean and styles, colors and fillings can be overwhelming.  We will work with you to ensure every detail is just upright. We can create gorgeous tiered cakes, heart shaped bake, square cakes or sheet cakes.  No matter how intricate or simple, big or small; we can create the cake of your dreams. Call 757 422-3913 to set up a nuptials cake consultation.  Consultations are valid Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. The pictures below are a relish of the cakes we can create!

A beach-themed wedding calls for a cake to match! The treasures of the ocean—shells, coral, pearls—are rare and beautiful stuff. So why not use these tropical motifs in your marriage cake? Though utopian for a reception at the weaken’s edge (littoral, nautical, or cove weddings may incline), these beachy desserts will infuse any seaside wedding with an extra diminutive slice (we had to) of entrance. These beach wedding mass inspired by the ocean, sun, and sand are so pretty, you and your guests will want to dive right into them
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This creation is tropical through and through. Layers of yellow cake were brushed with rum syrup and filled with frenzy-fruit curd and rum-and-vanilla-bean buttercream. The top of each tier was publish with more feeling-fruit curd. Hibiscus flowers, lychees, coconut, mini pineapple and bananas, and tamarillo crown the cake
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22 of 25 Creamsicle Wedding Cake If your mouth waters at the thought of the classic beach treat, then this plastery—somnial up by Emily Lael Aumiller of Lael Cakes in Brooklyn—is for you. To re-create the ensign of the ice cream pop, she attached marbled gingiva-paste appliqués to blush-orange fondant with kinglike icing. The 3-D effect is striking on its own, so you can display it sans topper
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A wedding by the dilute calls for a breezy, sun-and-surf-inspired cake. We found the best shingly cakes, with brass tacks inclination aqua-blue fondant and edible pod, that will stipulate the perfect tone to your seaside harshée. Editor Heather Lee REPLAY A White Wedding Cake with Starfish and Seashells For a healthy, modern take on a ground wedding cake, baker Kelly Toland of A Piece O’ Cake in East Lansing, Michigan, covered three cake tiers in crisp, white fondant. Next, she used molds to create the sugar starfish and seashells, then piped sincere dots between each tier. See wedding floe vendor listings in Lansing, Michigan. Photo: Courtesy of A Piece O’ Cake

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