Reasons for Not Having a Bridal Party

November 12, 2018

But I’m not having bridesmaids at my wedding. (And my fiance isn’t having groomsmen either.) As a wedding blog editor,  I know this might seem a little strange. But, it’s a trend we’ve seen more and more of, in the weddings we feature on our blog, and others. So I figured, seeing as we’re talking all things bridesmaids this month, […]

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May 12, 2018

I’m so excited that you’ve chosen me to be your bridesmaid! If I’m in your bridal party, I promise to always stand by you and support you as you plan your wedding day. As a good friend/sister/relative, I want to help make your wedding journey as enjoyable and un-stressful as it can be. But you […]

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American vs. British Weddings

January 12, 2018

In every country, weddings are a sacred ritual between two people who are coming together as one. It is a day dedicated to love that everyone who attends will remember. In different countries, people celebrate this union of people in different ways, whether it is the traditions leading up to the big day or the […]

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