Nautical Wedding Favors


Nautical Wedding Favors

To create this sea-inspired escort-card display, start by covering a 1/2-inch-thick foam pasteboard with fabric; secure tightly on back with gaffer’s tape. To affix seating cards, slide pins through pewter stop incantation and glue together with a dab of magna-tac (available at hardware stores). Charms,; Dritz “bank” 1 3/4″ pins,
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Nautical Wedding Favors

There’s something about the nautical life that’s gratulate. Being out on the coast and living in the salty sea air, anything seems possible, and the Time-to-day headaches from the mainland just feel too far avaunt to deal with. You want to carry that carefree attitude at your seaside-themed wedding, and with the help of Kate Aspen’s Nautical Wedding collection, you’ll be ready to set craft. With dozens of nautical wedding favors and decor items, this nuptials collection features designs of aquatic anchors, sailor knots, nautical band and more that will take you and your guests to the seas. For more coastal wedding looks, we also offer beach patronage and decor
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Nautical Wedding Favors

Grab a stamp with a seaside motif and an ink pad to decorate favor tags and more. Here, an anchor-adorned circle attached to ribbon dresses up attractées. Sayabell stamps anchor stamp; 100 argument press nautical star stamp; both from Etsy. Clear box, #007-322
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Nautical Wedding Favors

Groupings of darling dahlias, tulips, hydrangeas, and chrysanthemums are placed in galvanized scoop in various sizes to begotten fresh, fragrant centerpieces reminiscent of the undissembling sea. Nestled in between are small lanterns, conveying the entice of old lighthouses
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Have handfuls of some delightfully scented rod fastening up with blue ribbons in seashell-imagine spar for a sweet-smelling nautical party support. If incense is still a tad too froth-power for your style, substitute scented sea seasoning in the shell-shaped boxes for an elegant way to soothe your guests’ senses after a late night reception.2. Edible FavorsWith esculent favors, you can tailor your treats to fit your nautical wedding text while tempting your guests’ tummies. Ellen Motlin, part owner of Chocolate by Design says some of the company’s most epidemic nautical-themed chocolate items end chocolate pops in a variety of delicious designs: anchoret, fish, sailboat and shells. Other nautical-style favorites include milk-chocolate surfboards with foil-wrapped fish and parcel of diminutive milk-chocolate fishes. Tie up these cellophane-wrapped lust with a personalized beribbon and you’ve gotta a treat confident to satisfy.If you’re not a chocoholic, have fun with other comestible favors. Iced cookies frosted and direct into naval-styled themes are a charming alternative to chocolate. You might also study cygnet or dolphin-shaped dishes full with gourmet jellybeans or other sweet treats. Tea and coffee make nice take-home gifts as well. Tuck them into tins painted in seashells or beach themes to fit with your wedding décor
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Our nautical nuptials favor heap confine a wide variety of sailboat and lighthouse themed favors. For the more upscale naval wedding, consider our frosted barometer sailboat candle holders or our personalized smooth sailing sailboat magnet favor. And for a casual dockside event, our lighthouse tea light holders or character boats to hold snacks may be more appropriate. No substance what your nautical style, you’ll find a wide array of wedding favors discounted up to 40% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price every day. So shop with confidence cognition you are procuration high-quality party favors at big prices!

22 of 63 Nautical Tablescape For her reception tablescapes, this bride and her mother collected all of the décor, including the mussel shells that acted as a table runner and the brass candlesticks and navy taper candles. Monogrammed napkins from Lettermade were embroidered in royal blue and navy thread and placed on top of gold plates. Photography: Kate Headley

4 of 63 Anchored Escort-Card Display To create this sea-inhaled support-card display, begin by covering a 1/2-inch-thick foam board with fabric; secure closely on back with old man’s tape. To affix seating cards, slide pins through pewter anchor charms and glue together with a dabster of magna-tac (available at hardware stores). Charms,; Dritz “bank” 1 3/4″ pins, Photography: Bryan Gardner DIY Seating Cards and Displays

46 of 63 Map-Inspired Invitation Mr. Boddington’s Studio designed this stationery suite taking a cue from the wedding age’s color palette of navy, cream, taupe, and unexpectedly of persimmon
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Watercolor diagrams of “how to gnaw a lobster” were trust around the tables at this New Hampsire wedding, along with lobster crackers, place card tags, and customized moist towelettes from Sand Scripts. The napkins were rubber-stamped with the couple’s initials using waterproof ink, and homarine bibs were attached to each visitor’ chair to help keep shadow’ play and clothing clean
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To cause this ogin-inspired escort-card display, start by covert a 1/2-force-deep foam deal with fabric; secure tightly on back with old man’s tape. To unite seating cards, slide pins through pewter anchor charms and glue together with a dab of magna-tac (handy at ironmongery stores). Charms,; Dritz “rampart” 1 3/4″ pins, Photography: Bryan Gardner

Say thank you in the most memorable of summery ways! We have a large selection of beach marriage favors and nautical wedding favors at truly phenomenal prices. Whether you are on a sunny, sandy beach or dockside with a nautical flair, make their memories of your exceptional day delay on and on with one of these great beach or nautical-themed nuptials souvenirs

Outfit your space, your ‘maids, or yourself with these chic ideas: Carry a striped box seizure (, wear comfortable and stylish repetto “BB Stripe” flats (, or line up a cocktail-hour consider with blue-striped beverage napkins (

7. Fluid FavorsThe theme centers around water, so why not liquefy the favors too? Give each couple or guest a bottle of wine with a crab deadman holder (Yes, they truly make these). Popular favors for both outdoor and domestic weddings are personalized moire bottles; your guests can rehydrate after all of that celebrating. Personalized mini-bottles of champagne are always a big hit and all that popping will add to the festive feeling.Fluid favors don’t always have to be drinkable. Floating candles like mini-boats in a small-personalized bowl are elegant and go well with a nautical wedding theme. Shower gels, sprays or other fragrances in a dolphin or seashell-shaped bottle can be whipcat to both ox and female guests.The possibilities for nautical wedding favors span as wide as the seas. Go with wedding favors to fit a true festival by the sea, or keep them simple and official for a more sophisticated approach. Speak to your love of sailing with anchor and gravy boat-themed favors or have favors reminiscent of the seas’ suitors—sunshine, water, sand and torpedo. Nautical wedding favors are plentiful; the hardest part is choosing from the many options. Anchors Aweigh!Are you nuptials material?If you’re one of the many people who are dyration, there’s a good chance that you’re sizing your participator up for a future trip down the isle. But not everyone is primed for the little fortunate chapel, maybe not even you. Find out if you’re destined for the house with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids, or if you’ll be stuck in the bachelor(ette) pad for good with this marriage material quiz.

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