Ugly Wedding Cakes


Ugly Wedding Cakes

A Cake Wreck is any mass that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate – you name it. A Wreck is not necessarily a poorly-made cake; it’s simply one I find funny, for any of a number of purpose. Anyone who has ever smeared icing on a baked good has made a Wreck at one time or another, so I’m not here to vilify decorators: Cake Wrecks is just about finding the funny in unlooked-for, sugar-full places. Now, don’t you have a photo you want to send me? 😉 – Jen

Ugly Wedding Cakes

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw a very phallic horseshoe on that quartern cake. 😛 And what is with the plastic needlepoint mesh sticking out of the first cake? Is that part of the topper? (Am now seeing, in my mind’s eye, crust decorated with actual plastic needlepoint work stuck into cake. I may need to go back to bed.)

Ugly Wedding Cakes

The first cake observe like salt and pepper or sand sprinkled all over it. Bleh.Love the juxtaposition between the moist sheen of the Smurf cake to the dried, cracked, “moldy” camouflage cake.And brides, can we PLEASE obstruct with the tacky toppers? Pretty please? With salt and pelt on top?

Ugly Wedding Cakes

I’ve heard about how rude populate can be on the Internet. It’s obvious that the benevolent of hypostasis who reads People magazine is an uneducated hater. Let this join enjoy whatever contentment they have…the cake is interesting! It is entirely edible and I suggest that you try to make one yourself…before you tear down someone who performance for days. Bad taste? Let’s look at YOUR body, closet, etc. Yikes. Bustier clothe are tricky to appropriate at the bustline. What horrible nasty lives you have
ugly wedding cakes 1

Ugly Wedding Cakes

You may delight snacking on cakes and icing, but hey, that’s not enough reason for you to make a garment out of your wedding brick. For one, it doesn’t just look weird; it’s expensive and inconvenient too
ugly wedding cakes 2

Ugly Wedding Cakes

Most of these aren’t ugly — I LOVE the Tetris and gamer cakes! As for the cammo, I’m from the southward (San Angelo, TX), one of my best countenance is a bow hunter. I still think having a disembodied savage head on your wedding block evokes feelings other than loveliness and jewel. Look at the running of the bullshit in Argentina — upright because something is a tradition doesn’t mean it’s not stupid. I think most people, city-dwellers or not would think it’s tacky
ugly wedding cakes 3

Ugly Wedding Cakes

Ok, so #8 isn’t really a cake at all, it’s a modified croquembouche. I’ll give you that it was obviously not constructed well, but ugly? And without a doubt not an “ugly cake”. And yeah, #15 are towels and chink made to look like a cake, they are gifts…traditionally assumed at nuptials showers yes, but sometimes also given at the reception
ugly wedding cakes 4

Ugly Wedding Cakes

EEEEEKKKK! I”m sure there is a story behind some of these cakes that the Beatrice, groom and all of the guests were aware of, or maybe they were jokes. Funny is that I had already seen one of these cakes in an e-mail I got a pair of years ago…
ugly wedding cakes 5

My beloved husband, CaryEsss, is very unfeeling to please and he had something positive to say about each one of these cakes:1. I like it.2. That’s very peaceful.3. That’s kind of nice. There’s so much action. Look she’s trying to mount him. It’s picturesque.4. They open it up to make sure there was cake under there.5. Earthy6. The camouflage worked. You can’t see the beautiful cake hidden beneath the forest scene
ugly wedding cakes 6

It didn’t look any better across the scope than it did grapple up, but if it made her feel meliorate – ok. The caked leaned more and more. I happened to be ambulatory by and caught it as it fell. Saved the top for them, the second tier only smashed a little of the back. I fell like quite the hero, but nobody saw
ugly wedding cakes 7

@Andrea: you are correct. I believe that the fourth cake with the “horseshoe” was made for Vera, the owner of a combination lofty-end sex toy and bread shoppe. Since she and her husband met at work (he creates herb-infused bread and is a master baker with dill dough) they destitution to have the store’s logo on their wedding cake. Hence, Vera’s wang…

And what is with the plastic needlepoint mesh sticking out of the first cake? Is that part of the topper? (Am now seeing, in my opinion’s front, cakes decorated with actual moldable needlepoint work stuck into cake. I may strait to go back to cohabit.)

Top 9: I Love Rock n’ Roll Lady Mary Charteris may have wanted to fuse her love for rock n’ roll with elegance when she decided to wear this gown, but unfortunately, the swagger and the see-through design just didn’t quite cut it. But it did help to make to our inclination of ugliest wedding robe

If you suppose this cake is great and project to have it in your wedding, that’s great. Do what is right to your style and what makes you apt and that don’t worry so much about other peoples opinions about it. Peoples opinions will always vary, you could never get everyone in the world to like the same thing. Some will think the camo cake is ugly and others will think it is pretty, that’s just how it is

hey i courtship the camouflage cake it is the best cake in the world, secure it might not be great for a wedding but thats in soe peoples opinions. i would have it for my sweet 16 ut without the doe and buck. its a great cake and everyone has their own opinion, everyone isdifferent and their gonna let you know, so…. but the cake is great i wouldnt agree it being the worst because its a nice professional cake and it must have took a long time to duty on. its art. city folk have their own opinion than sounthern folk. but were all different and its gonna be like that till the end. so everyone needs to take a chill bolus and move on a harden is a cake really all that matters its whats under the icing. all your gonna do is eat it….. – Countrygurl01

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